Friends of the Laguna Beach Library
You can be a friend by:
Contributing to the FLBL Scholarship Fund
A $1000.00 annual scholarship is awarded to a Laguna Beach graduating high school senior who has written an exceptional essay about their experiences in our library.  Sometimes the Friends even gives away two awards!
Sponsoring a subject in the library that is close to your heart 
Horses, Home Décor Design Books, Local Laguna Authors, Crafting, Mysteries, Painting, Pets, Magazines, or anything you want!
Volunteering one day a week, month, or quarter in the bookshop
  The Bookshop is a tremendous source of revenue for our library and is always in need of passionate volunteers.  Did you know that your book donations to the Friends Book Shop help raise approximately $3000 per MONTH?  Please collect current gently used books to donate to the shop.
Making it happen!
Lend an extra pair of hands to a library board member for a specific project.  Sponsor a craft day in the children’s section ($250.00), a performer ($300), or cookies and juice ($50.00).  We could also really use a graphic artist!

Please visit our Membership page

If you are interested in contributing in any way please email:,