Friends of the Laguna Beach Library

Laguna Beach Library Summer Reading signups begin Monday, June 23rd and the program ends August 2nd.

CHILDREN’S SUMMER READING PROGRAM: for children from 0-12 years old. Children will earn incentives for every one or two hours of reading (levels of reward are still to be determined). For example, we have a free coupon for a kid’s meal at Chipotle Grill or they may draw from our treasure chest containing a variety of small toys and games. Based on last year’s attendance we expect to have around 350-400 sign ups. Library staff really enjoys our young patrons; we want to encourage their love of reading and library use from an early age.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Free time makes summer reading fun and engaging, and the inherent value of reading during the summer break is not lost on parents, caregivers, teachers and librarians. We know that kids who don’t read during the summer often lose pro4iciency gained over the school year; experts say they can lose up to one month of instruction. Researchers call this the “Summer Slide.” We know that children who read more, read better. They also write better, spell better and have better vocabularies, and the foundation for future academic success is critically tied to reading habits developed while young.

TEEN SUMMER READING PROGRAM: for teens 12-17 years. If they read 7 1⁄2 hours they receive a coupon to Chipotle Grill; if they 2inish the program at 15 hours of reading, they get their pick of a gift $10 gift card for Starbucks, Target or iTunes. Teens will receive raf.le tickets at various reading levels and we will be raf*ling of six $25.00 gift cards to Laguna Books at the end of the program. 

Summer Reading Log.  
You can pick it up in the Children's Section of the Library or download with the PDF tab below.