Friends of the Laguna Beach Library
2010 Poetry Contest Readers
     The 12th Annual Laguna Beach Library Poetry Contest was once again a huge success, with more than 100 people in attendance at the Poetry Contest Awards Ceremony. This year we had more than 200 total entries for our 7 categories. Each of the First, Second, and Third Place Winners in our 7 categories read their winning poems to an appreciative audience. Winners in the contest were awarded a beautiful Winner’s Certificate along with a gift certificate. The Laguna Beach Library’s 12th Annual Poetry Contest was funded by the Friends of the Library, a non-profit organization that supports programs and special events for the Laguna Beach Library.

Adult Category
First Place - Joan Ross “The Dog Collar”
Second Place - J. Hilary “Me in my brand new hiking boots —”
Third Place (Tie) - Jennifer Donnell “Kiss the Sun”
Third Place (Tie) - Sarah Vogel “Becoming Mom”

High School Category
First Place - Laura Pusey “Casual Questions Like This”
Second Place - Sarah Stoll “We Architects of Greatness”
Third Place - Sean Pigden “Personify Me”

6th, 7th, 8th Grade Category

First Place - Lily Greenberg Call “The Edge”
Second Place - Braden Johnson “Freedom”
Third Place - Rebecca Stoll “A Letter to Cody”

4th, 5th Grade Category

First Place - Gabriela Goffman “Shot”
Second Place - Sydney Pardo “Bat Pie”
Third Place - Helene Mahmood “Carnival”

2nd, 3rd Grade Category
First Place - Avalon Greenberg Call “Poem Number Two—No One’s Home Main St.”
Second Place - Jack Manor “The Little Sky”
Third Place - Ella Judd “The Tangles in My Hair”

1st Grade Category

First Place - Clara Becker “On The Swings”
Second Place - Jackson Golden “Beach”
Third Place - James Dobbs-Hildreth “My Cat”

Pre-K & Kindergarten Category

First Place - Cole Judd “My Crazy Cat Dizzy”
Second Place - Sienna Arrobio “I Was a Cat”
Third Place - No Entries for Third Place